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ICON GHI Voice Enhancement Suite

GHI Voice Enhancement Suite (VES) consists of acoustic echo canceller, noise reduction and automatic gain controller. Acoustic echo canceller removes acoustic echo; noise reduction reduces background noise and automatic gain controller maintains comfortable volume.

Acoustic echo is a common problem in voice over IP communication especially in hands-free situation. Echo is caused when signals from device’s speaker are reflected back into system through device’s microphone and therefore cause the remote user heard his own voice. Background noise is another annoying issue in communication. It is picked up by microphone and sent to the remote side along with user’s voice. User’s voice is therefore immersed in the ambient noise and can’t be heard.

GHI Voice Enhancement Suite (VES) uses sophisticated algorithm to address both echo and noise in a variety of settings. It is provided with two different packages: for 8 kHz and 16 kHz sampled signal.  GHI VES is interoperable with different speech codecs.


  • Using proprietary patented technologies.
  • Full duplex acoustic echo canceller makes sound clear even with multiple reflections in the room..
  • Automatic adjust microphone volume to achieve consistent, comfortable listening experience and prevent clipping of speech.
  • Eliminate ambient noise without distorting voice quality.
  • Support hands-free situation, such as laptop built-in microphone, camera microphone, in which case echoes are especially difficult to cancel.
  • Very fast convergence.
  • Support full-duplex.

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