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ICON Customized Design

Customized design may apply to individual voice processing component which requires different algorithm to meet the need of special application; it may also apply to voice engine as a whole.

·         Voice Engine Customized Design

For different applications, voice engine design can be different. Some may focus on voice quality and some may require extreme low complexity under certain circumstances. Customization demand can surface among all components in voice engine since they are correlated to each other.

To overcome this complex matrix of design challenges, GH Innovation provides expertise in designing customized voice engine. GHI helps you achieve business and design goals by working as an integral part of your team, extending your capabilities in design application. GHI provides assistance to help you integrate customized voice engine into your platform, ensuring that the voice quality, system complexity and other factors meets your application requirements.

·         Voice Codec Complexity Reduction

While maintaining the best quality and interoperability of existing standard codec, GH Innovation experts provide customized design of existing standards to tailor the needs of next-generation product. It may involve complexity reduction of existing standard or improve the quality of existing standard without introducing extra complexity.

Complexity reduction usually includes two aspects: source code complexity reduction and implementation optimization based on platforms. Most market available solution is focused on implementation optimization. In order to reach dramatically reduced complexity, source code complexity reduction is necessary before implementation starts. This may require rewriting the whole codec by using different architecture. Our nearly 20 years experience makes us standing out among competitors. For example, we can provide dramatic algorithm complexity reduction in G.723 at source code level.

·         Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction

It is known that echo and background noise can degrade voice quality significantly. With different application echo canceller can be dramatically different. For instance, a line echo canceller generally can not replace acoustic echo canceller because acoustic echo cancellation is a more difficult task in some cases. Different from line echo cancellation, acoustic echo path can vary continuously during a conversation as people move around in the room.


Moreover, background noise throws in even more complex situation for echo cancellation. Source of noise varies; it can be road noise, wind noise or even babble noise from passengers. The varying placement of speaker and microphone and the number of microphones can varies as well. This makes echo cancellation task even more difficult.


To make echo canceller and noise reduction more robust, designers have to take into consideration the variety of microphones from different manufacturers and the variety of PCs from different manufactures as well. This makes echo cancellation and noise reduction design work even tougher.


GH Innovation provides expert assistance to help customers improve their voice quality. By using innovative algorithm, GHI brings customized solution to suit customer's special needs under special application.


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